Listing Your Home

How much is my house worth? Should I sell my home right now? Should I repair anything in my house before selling? How long will it take to sell my home? How much is the commission to sell my house? How much are closing costs? Which Real Estate Agent should I use to sell my house?

These are all valid questions you may be asking yourself. Selling your home involves many steps, each of which can affect your time and your bottom line. Choosing a Real Estate Agent with experience in each of the following steps, such as myself, is crucial to a smooth and positive experience selling your home.

Steps to Listing Your Home

This is a general guide to the steps involved in selling your home.

I will prepare a thorough market analysis and marketing plan for your property. I can meet with you in the comfort of your own home and you can use this time to get to me know me! This will also allow me to account for any price adjustments for upgrades or repairs needed on the home. I will then present my findings to you along with a ton of other valuable information. If everything looks good, we can get the paperwork done and discuss getting the home prepped for sale!


If your property needs repairs, it can affect the value of your home. If you are in a situation which time or money is a concern, taking a lower sales price may work for you. Alternatively, I have a network of contractors that can do the work for you and get paid through escrow. If you do not want to do any repairs, I have a wide selection of buyers and investors that are willing to purchase homes that may range from minor repairs to properties considered “fixer-uppers.”


Marketing is my specialty! I have 20+ years of professional advertising and marketing experience to create a tailored plan to market your specific property. I will take beautiful photos, thoroughly complete the MLS Listing with all of your properties information and features and publish this data to over 2000+ Websites! My goal is to get as many eyes on your property as possible. More eyes on the property can mean more showings, more offers and a higher selling price!


I use very advanced tactics to schedule showings in a way that will create a lot of buzz! We will show the home to prequalified buyers looking in the area. Our goal is to get an offer at or shortly after the showing. I also schedule an “Open House” in which potential buyers from the area can conveniently see the property. My method of scheduling showings and open houses is done in a very deliberate way to optimally generate multiple offers on the home.


As offers come in, I present them to you in detail. Price is only a fraction of what you need to consider when selecting an offer. We have to evaluate the buyer’s ability to purchase, go over any contingencies and what they mean and also go through all of the terms of the offer. I use my experience to help you make sure the offer you accept, is one you are comfortable with and that you thoroughly understand. Once you accept an offer, we will immediately open Escrow!


Once a seller accepts an offer, it’s time to open escrow! Escrow allows for a safe place for funds and documents to be organized to protect both the buyer and seller. The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of the buyer is deposited into escrow. The escrow officer helps coordinate all of the steps of the sale according to the agreed terms. This includes keeping track of contingency periods as well as making sure all of the necessary paperwork is signed and filled out properly.

Contingencies & Terms

Contingencies and Terms of a sale are often the most overlooked portion of an offer by sellers. Examples of contingencies can include a buyer needing to sell their own home, loan contingency etc. Terms can include who pays for Title Insurance, Escrow or HOA Fees etc. Choosing an offer with balanced contingencies and terms is crucial. This is where an experienced Real Estate Agent, like myself, can help you navigate and explain the contingencies and terms of an offer.


Choosing an offer by a buyer that has the highest chance of funding and closing is a delicate balance. Funding occurs after the buyer has officially committed to purchasing the property, all of their loan contingencies have been removed, the lender verifies everything they need to including completing the underwriting portion of the loan process (DU Approval) and finally release the funds to escrow. This is one of the last steps in the Escrow process right before closing.


Closing Escrow is the final step in the sale of home. This is the point where all documentation has been verified and completed, the loan has been funded and the sale has been recorded. Fees for Escrow, Title, Commissions and Contractors who are to be paid through escrow are paid during this phase. The seller will then receive their proceeds from the sale, less any expenses, in one lump sum. On occasion, possession of the property can extend beyond the close of escrow.

How much is my house worth?

Unlike some auto generated valuations, I will do a thorough analysis of the comps in your area as well as factor in any upgrades or repairs.